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In 1927 Sassu had occasion to see the sculptures by Boccioni in the studio in Milan of the Futurist Fedele Azari, and was deeply impressed. Another sculptor he particularly admired in those years was Ernesto De Fiori, whom he knew only indirectly through reproductions in a monograph published by Scheiwiller.

For his part, Sassu began practicing sculpture, as a development from ceramics, already at the end of the 1930s - Cyclist, of 1939, is his first plastic work - going on to work more systematically in this technique after the war, at Albisola. Among the sculptures of his mature years, the Large Rearing Horse of 1960, installed on Via Brera in Milan, should be mentioned first of all; among his most recent, Nuredduna, 1995, is the figure of a priestess inspired by a Catalan poem of the late 19th century by the Majorcan Miguel Costa y Llobera.

His most recent sculptures are distinguished by an emphasis on the concrete, sensual aspects of the material and a much more synthesized form with respect to his earlier "flaming sculpture."