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The Archivio Aligi Sassu, based in the artist's studio in Milan, announced the collection of all materials needed to publish the General Catalogue of Aligi Sassu's painting work, that will be conducted by the Scientific Committee formed by Antonello Negri and Carlo Pirovano. The collected work will be published by Electa Editrice, Milan. The publication in the catalogue will be equivalent to an authenticity statement at all effects.

Therefore, museums, art galleries and private collectors are kindly invited to submit:

•  Three colour pictures of the work in their possession, in format 18 x 24 cm

•  A picture of the retro of the work itself, in the same format;

•  Technical and bibliographical data of the work (title, year of execution, techniques, support, dimensions, information on origin, on exhibitions in which it has participated and publications in which it is mentioned or reproduced).

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to conduct a direct examination of the work.

The publication does not require any costs for the owner.

All the materials, with indication of how the owner wishes to appear in the General Catalogue, to be sent to:

Vicente Sassu Urbina

Via Brera, 20

20121 Milano

tel./fax. 02 72023999

e-mail. info@aligisassu.it